// I’M A PRIVATE ROOM / 1X 2P + 1X 1P* BED

Hello I’m the

Ondergeschoven Kindje


Own bathroom and a shared toilet.
* draw-bed underneath the bedstee

I’m a private room. Have you ever wondered what it would be to sleep in a bedstee? Do you know what a bedstee is? Well I have one with original doors from an old farm. Two can sleep in my bedstee and the third on the tucked away bed. I have my own shower and sink with views on the patio. They couldn’t fit in a toilet, no worries; there are two right in the hall. I’m located on the first floor of my boutique hostel.

// Ondergeschoven Kindje Translated that’s a tucked away child. Back in the day when families were significantly bigger than they are now, beds were made and found in innovative spaces. And the youngest, as always, were the unlucky ones. In old houses bedstee’s were made. These are beds built into the wall of the living room which can be closed during the day. The advantage of a bedstee was that you didn’t have to build a separate bedroom and the space was so small that it could be warmed by the body temperature of the people sleeping there, saving heating energy. In some houses there were drawers underneath the bedstee, also called ‘rolkoetsen’, where 1 or 2 smaller children could be tucked away to sleep in.